BALEX baling presses

The N-BALEX balers are manual waste balers for the reduction of voluminous waste, be it paper, cardboard or even foil. A robust and solid construction guarantees the highest quality for the processing of your waste. The cross cylinders ensure a small footprint and, above all, a low height, so that the balers can be easily placed in any working environment.

Balex balers are part of the new SMART technology. This intelligent equipment allows remote access to the machine, guaranteeing efficient, ecological and safe waste disposal.
- N-BALEX-10 < 80 kg
- N-BALEX-20 200 - 250 kg
- N-BALEX-30 250 - 300 kg
- N-BALEX-40 350 - 400 kg
- N-BALEX-50 < 500 kg

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