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NBS solutions for the film industry

The shredding and extraction of film strips, label matrices or composites / laminates brings central advantages for your company: It increases your production speed, recycles waste more effectively, increases operational safety and, last but not least, provides massive cost savings through reduced handling effort. Where waste used to be wound up, NBS extraction and disposal systems now provide the necessary optimised waste management.

In the further processing of film and similar materials, the great challenge is to collect the waste as efficiently as possible. The patented NBS TubeShredder RH/RS is used for this purpose. This was designed for cutting endless waste materials in the tubes. The NBS TubeShredder RH/RS differs from competitive units with its exchangeable and modular cassette system.

After the waste has been collected, it must be transported to the central disposal site via an individual transport pipe system. Self-adhesive and antistatic materials are transported via specially coated pipes or oil injections in the pipes. Subsequently, the waste can be compacted using NBS compaction containers or compacting screws. Another possibility is direct reuse by adding it to a granulator provided by the customer.

The film industry is therefore well prepared for the future with NBS extraction systems.


NBS solutions for the film industry

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