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Security printing

Shredding systems for banknotes

NBS solutions for security printing

NBS extraction systems also work in the securities industry. More precisely, they are used to destroy banknotes. Each banknote is checked for various security criteria. If the note does NOT meet a criterion, the banknotes must be shredded. This is also the case when entire banknote series are replaced due to innovations. For this purpose, the suction and disposal systems of NBS have been working together with various national banks throughout Europe for over 25 years.

Shredding is carried out either by the security printing presses themselves or by NBS's central shredders. The shredders meet the highest political requirements regarding the shred size. They can then be transported via NBS extraction systems to a central disposal point. The paper chips are then pressed into hard briquettes. These can then be fed into the disposal process. Since an entire shredder and extraction system is operated via air, the most modern filter and return air technologies are also used here by NBS.


NBS solutions for security printing.

Applied products for security printing

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