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The extraction units of the ASSUGO series were developed especially for mobile use in the factory. Large quantities of dust and chips can be extracted in the smallest of spaces. If a single production machine is to be disposed of with coarser waste such as paper, cardboard, aluminium or foil, then the larger models of the ASSUGO series are suitable. With the low empty weights, it is possible to place the extraction units equipped with wheels at any desired location.

Suitable for chips / dust:

- ASSUGO 140 / 160 1'450 m3/h
- ASSUGO 180 2'610 m3/h
- ASSUGO 300 5'800 m3/h

Suitable for coarser waste:

- ASSUGO 2040 4'000 m3/h
- ASSUGO 3040 6'000 m3/h
- ASSUGO 4040 8'000 m3/h

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