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Waste disposal in the packaging industry

NBS solutions for the packaging industry

Extraction and disposal systems in the packaging industry are extremely diverse. During the manufacture and production of corrugated board, cardboard, coffee capsules, tea bags, chewing gum packaging, plastics or similar, the following types of waste can be produced:

  • Cardboard Punching waste
  • Corrugated board waste and edge trim
  • Aluminium punching grid
  • Matrixes of plastic packaging
  • Foils endless strips and matrices
  • Labels and self-adhesive materials

The central start of the extraction is the collection of the production waste. Among other things, the patented TubeShredder RH/RS (link) ensures optimum trimming of the endless trimming. NBS disposes of the waste sorted by type with its extraction systems. In many cases, this also means sort separation within the extraction system. Using the most modern techniques, switchable systems are installed for continuous operation.

Equally important is the trustworthy shredding and destruction of product-protected packaging. Whether in the pharmaceutical or packaging industry, product protection is maintained at all times at NBS with its shredding systems.

After the production waste has been transported to the central disposal site, the final process of waste preparation is carried out. Here NBS baling presses or press containers are suitable for the coarse waste, NBS briquetting presses for chips and dust.


NBS solutions for the packaging industry

Applied products for the packaging industry

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