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Pharmaceutical industry

Secure and confidential disposal

NBS solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Extraction and disposal systems from NBS can also be found in the medical or pharmaceutical industry. When it comes to vacuum-sealing medicines or accessories such as syringes or cannulas, waste and exhaust gases are produced in this packaging process. These can be in the form of films, cardboard packaging or even vapours containing solvents.


Due to the diversity of NBS extraction systems, the pharmaceutical industry can rely on numerous NBS products. For example, NBS TubeShredders are used for edge trimming, complex filter and fine filter systems for dusty and contaminated air or the BALEX cardboard and film presses. NBS also takes care of the destruction of confidential data. Here, NBS shredders are used, and the particles that can no longer be read can then be transported to the central disposal point using a pneumatic extraction system.


A special challenge in the pharmaceutical industry is plant construction in clean room areas. Special plant components such as aluminium-coated pipes are used for this purpose.


NBS solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Applied products in the pharmaceutical industry

Reference system for the pharmaceutical industry