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Modern Swiss dust disposal

Lucerne-based NBS AG receives the major order from Kunert Wellpappe in Biebesheim and implements the complete ventilation and dust disposal system for the new Göpfert corrugated board processing machine.

What do NBS AG, a Swiss company specialising in extraction and disposal technology, and the Kunert Group, a leading international manufacturer of corrugated cardboard cores and packaging, have in common?

Well, both are family-run traditional companies and both are innovative with their products and services. However, the greatest common feature is that both companies each pursue the most constructive solution concept. In November 2019, for example, the Kunert Group opted for the dust disposal project of the company NBS AG, Nickel Betriebsanlagen + Systeme.

A professional plant concept

The Kunert Group has 17 plants with a total of around 2,000 employees, 2 of which specialize in the production of corrugated board. These are produced in one- to three-flute qualities, printed and processed into individual packaging. In order to be able to cover the growing demand of corrugated board products, the Kunert Group decided to invest in a new corrugated board processing machine CL 13/32 from Bahmüller-Göpfert (BGM). The evaluation phase for the new extraction system began back in the summer of 2019. The task: around 50,000 m3/h of contaminated air must be removed from the machine and processed accordingly. In addition, the punching waste must also be conveyed to the existing disposal site. At this point, the plan was to set up an identical extraction system with monoblock fine filtration, as is already in place at the adjacent yard. "After the discussions with Mr. Jörg Nickel, however, we were very quickly interested in the alternatives," says Andreas Goldbach, technical manager of the corrugated board group.

Using state-of-the-art fan and control technology, the dust-laden air from the processing machine will now be conveyed to a specially designed NBS jet-set filter system from April 2020. There, more than 300 filter bags catch the contaminated air, which is then shot off by means of compressed air. The resulting dust is collected in a silo and pressed into hard briquettes in a briquetting press. The cleaned air is finally returned to the production hall. Jörg Nickel, Managing Director of NBS AG, explains his concept: "We always try to create a sustainable and well thought-out concept for our customers. After all, we are the specialists and know the long-term advantages and disadvantages of various extraction systems. With the approach chosen here, the Kunert Group has a professional extraction system with which it has virtually nothing to do. Everything is controlled automatically and the filter bags no longer have to be changed as often as the fine filter cells."


Build-up during crisis period within 6 weeks

The Corona crisis took the economy by surprise in all areas. Thus, with the lockdown and border closures, the assembly installation also became a great challenge for NBS. However, the entire assembly could be carried out on schedule by the NBS Germany assembly team, taking into account the hygiene and clearance measures. Jürgen Prell, Managing Director of Kunert Biebesheim, states: "The date for the acceptance of the processing machine had been fixed since the beginning of the year, there was nothing left to shake. Fortunately, the company NBS was so well positioned and was able to commission the extraction system on time as agreed despite the unforeseeable restrictions caused by the pandemic. We are very satisfied and pleased with the excellent partnership with NBS".


Jörg Nickel, Managing Director NBS AG

Kunert Group,