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For 20 years, we as NBS AG have been convincing with quality and expertise. Our family business proudly looks back on successes achieved and promising future prospects: With two sons in management, we may continue on the growth course of the past years.


Starting shot

In 2002, Jörg Nickel takes over his father's business in the form of a management buyout. Both work together in the new business and are supported by the loyal employee Bruno Brunner. This is the beginning of NBS AG in Kriens. For capacity reasons, the focus is on the Swiss market, with the graphic arts industry as the main sector. On average, we master one to two large projects per year. Thanks to a high quality awareness, our company can develop healthily and leads to great satisfaction on the customer side.

Family addition

10 years ago, a breath of fresh air arrives: Jörg Nickel's two sons join the business. Tobias Nickel has been dedicated to commercial matters since 2012, Fabian Nickel has been handling the technical projects since 2017. Whereas we previously outsourced production steps for reasons of efficiency, we now design and manufacture the majority of the equipment and systems. Patented product innovations such as the TubeShredder have also come about thanks to the new competencies and resources.

Today, we respond to the needs of our customers in a more individualized way than ever before. We now offer disposal solutions for the handling of various waste materials in different sectors. This includes paper and cardboard as well as dust, foil, aluminum and cardboard waste. The implementation of eight to ten large-scale projects per year throughout Europe is unique and covers customer requirements in a tailor-made manner.

Confidence in the future

We now have 25 employees - including three apprentices. On September 30, the entire workforce celebrated our successes to date together with customers, suppliers, partners and friends. At a joint dinner, we reminisced and shared exciting prospects for the future.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and partners for the trust they have placed in us over the past 20 years. Motivated and optimistic, we look to the future and are excited to see what projects we can implement for you next.

Anniversary interview with Jörg Nickel

What is the highlight from 20 years of NBS AG?

There is not one highlight in particular. Rather, it is the pride that we have gained the acceptance and raison d'être of important key players in the industry through our professional work. We have created a stable foundation on which we can now strive for steady growth.

What are you most looking forward to in the future of NBS AG?

(Laughs) To my retirement.

What has been the biggest challenge in the company so far?

On the one hand, political influences such as the economic crisis in 2008 or the abolition of the minimum euro exchange rate in 2015, but on the other hand, above all, to always maintain the quality and satisfaction of our customers.

What developments do you expect in the market and in your company over the next few years?

For our company, basically only positive, even if the environment and society are becoming more and more dynamic. In recent years, we have pursued a major diversification strategy, which now enables us to operate in diverse markets with a wide range of products.

A nickel trio at the top - with what pride does that fill you?

Quartet with my wife (laughs). Indescribably firm. It's probably everyone's (everyone's wife's) dream to be able to hand over their own business into the hands of their children. Our customers can consider themselves lucky that they will continue to be looked after "personally" by the Nickel company.

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